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Musical Bumps


A good one for tiring the children out! The guests jump up and down or dance to a jolly piece of music until you turn it off. They then have to sit down as fast as they can with the last one down being out. The last child left in the game is the winner. For a variation on this game which avoids the need to catch anyone out.



Musical Statues


Once again the guests jump or dance to the music and when it is turned off they must stand as still as possible in whatever position they happen to be in. Anyone spotted moving is out and again the last child in the game wins. Make sure you keep the ones who are out occupied by sitting them down in front of you and giving them the "important" job of helping to judge the contest



Pin The Tail On The Donkey


Still enjoyed by children of all ages. Kits for this game can be fairly easily purchased in your local party shop. All you need is a fairly large picture of the donkey minus its tail and a separate pin on or stick on tail. The picture is fixed to a pin board or similar and the children take it in turns to be blindfolded and attempt to fix the tail in the correct place on the donkey. The winner is the one who gets the closest and runner-up prizes can be presented to the others.


Here are some ideas of what you could Play

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